Internal filter for a clean, healthy aquarium with triple action filter.
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Interpet Internal Power Filter PF2

Interpet Internal Power Filter PF2

The Interpet Internal Power Filter PF2 is one of the most versatile, comprehensive and easy to use range of filters available. It offers you and your fish a cleaner, healthier aquarium with triple action filtration.

Benefits include of the Interpet  internal power filter is Better aeratio thanks to a rocker switch controlled powerful venturi and full adjustability making it easy to adjust flow rate and direction adjustment . The power filter is Easy fitting with a unique easy locate cradle and provides better maintenance as there it an easy clean filter cartridge . Interpet power filter PF2 has a Patented Aqua Valve.

The aqua valve allows waste materials to pass into the filter, but prevents them from dumping back into the aquarium. This is different to virtually every other filter on the market, as you would simply turn the filter off at cleaning time and remove the body, without seeing all the removed waste drop back into the clean aquarium. A really useful benefit for as it saves a lot of work when cleaning.

The PF2 contains 2 foams for biological and mechanical filtration and a carbon foam for removal of toxins, discolouration, odour, metals and pesticides. It also comes complete with a separate biomedia chamber that provides superior biological filtration and in addition allows the filter foams to be cleaned more thoroughly.  There is also a foam carrier for easy removal of foams and has the added benefit of flow control.

The PF2 is suitable for 45 - 90 litre tank

Quality product that comes with a 2 year guarentee.