Dog Treats

Dog treats to suit  Small, Medium or Large Dogs. From Healthy low fat and low calorie treats to meaty bones.  Natural Dog Biscuit Treats through to training treats.

Brands such as Arden Grange Dog Treats & Paste, Bonio Dog Biscuits, Wagg Puppy treats, Good Boy Deli Treat and Chocolate Drops, Pedigree Dentastix, Jumbones, Shmackos and Joint Care. We also stock Fold Hill Chewdles Chunks, Bonibix and Laughing Dog and Bakers Baker rewards, Allsorts, Joint Delicious, Dental Delicious and puppy treats.

We also hold the full range of Company of Animals Coachies Natural treats.

Whether its a treat for your puppy, bone for your dog or biscuit i'm sure you'll find a treat at Your Pets Warehouse. Cheap treats to Designer treats.

Postage only £1.99 for orders under £39, Free if you spend over £39.