Naturediet sensitive Salmon dog food


Naturediet sensitive dog food
Naturediet sensitive moist food for dogs

390g single tray or 18 x 390g

Naturediet is a complete natural dog food based on strict holistic principles. NatureDiet believe in keeping dogs naturally healthy, that's why their wet dog food is hypoallergenic and free from artificial ingredients, preservatives and other nasty chemicals; perfect for fussy eaters or dogs with allergies.

Naturediet packs contain at least 60 per cent real meat or fish products, brown rice, vegetables, herbs and other natural goodness. The high meat content makes this a balanced diet for your dog. The naturediet sensitive food is salmon and prawn flavour which is fantastic for allergies as it eliminates meat proteins, can also be used as a simple change of diet every so often.
Very popular choice as provides you sensitive dog with all the goodness it needs to grow healthy.