Ancol Ergo Shed Master Dog Grooming Tool


Ancol Ergo shed Master grooming tool - maxi

Ancol Ergo Shed Master For Dogs

Grooming Tool for Dogs

The Ergo Shedmaster for dogs is a revolutionary new grooming tool designed to groom your dog faster and with less fuss. The Shed Master quickly removes loose and dead hair and reduces grooming time by 75%.
The stainless steel blade will trim and thin your dogs coat in a fraction of the time it used to take with a brush or shedding blade. It is suitable for short, smooth, long hair or silky. Use in the same way as a rake, grooming in the same direction as the coat grows.

A very popular product in our retail shop g
reat feel in your hands, fabulous quality and are the best we've ever seen

Size: Small/Med(Midi) or Large (Maxi)