Applaws Natural Cat Food Tins - Chicken & Cheese


Applaws Natural cat food tins - Chicken & cheese
Applaws Natural Cat food Tins

Chicken & Cheese Flavour

Available in 70g tins either as individual or a pack of 24 x 70g single flavour tins.

Applaws Cat tins are really different. It only uses the ingredients listed, nothing else is added. It has a high meat content and is 100% natural! Our chicken is fresh chicken breast and NOT chicken derivatives so you know that your Cat is getting the best when feeding these tins.

Cats love this natural wet food. Made with succulent chicken breast with cheese in a jelly type broth. Perfect to feed alongside Complete Dry Food or Biscuits for a balanced diet or a tin can be fed once or twice a week as a treat. Remember on treat days to adjust the other feed you give your cat that day.


70% Chicken, 5% cheese, 1% rice and 24% broth