Applaws Tuna & Prawn Cat Food Tins


Applaws Natural cat food tins - Tuna & prawn

Applaws Natural Cat food Tin withTuna Fillet & Prawn

Available in single 70g tins or 24 x 70g Single Flavour Tins

Applaws Natural Cat Tins are really different. It only uses the ingredients listed, nothing else is added. It has a high fish content and is 100% natural! Our Tuna Fillets and Prawns are pure fish NOT fish derivatives.

Cats love this natural wet food. Made with Tuna fillets and succulent prawn in a jelly type broth. Can be fed as a treat or as part of a balanced diet when mixed or fed alongside Dry kibble.


52% Tuna, 23% prawn, 1% rice and 24% broth